Carrom Association of Maldives


carrom as a sport

The origins of Carrom as we know it are quite obscure. Although widely believed to have originated 18th century, some believe it originated in India, while others link its origin to Portugal and even Burma or Egypt. Irrespective, Carrom today is amongst the world’s favorite indoor games, enjoyed amongst friends and families worldwide. Similar to billiards, marbles and air hockey in different ways, it is easy to understand, fun to play, and suitable for children and adults alike.

It became very popular among the masses particularly after the 1st World War. Once treated to be a pastime game, Carrom is now being played by about 80 million people across Asia. It is widely played in the Indian sub-continent, little known in the West earlier; Carrom is now poised to have massive presence in the Western countries too. It is increasingly becoming popular all over the world and is played in about 50 countries. At international level this game is controlled and supervised by the International Carrom Federation and respective continental Federations. . It is an honor for Maldivians that the Ex-President, Mr. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom is the Patron-in-Chief of the Asian Carrom Confederation.

Despite being classified an indoor “board game”, it is quite unique in itself – neither like dice games such as Monopoly, nor like strategy games such as Chess. In fact, it is much more, involving a combination of both physical and mental elements. It is a strategic game and is based on physics and geometry. It requires thorough knowledge of angles, deftness of touch, keen sight and superlative control of nerves besides mental and physical fitness. It also requires skill and deep concentration. The advent of professional Carrom tournaments over the past few decades and the formation of federations all over the Western world have given rise to thousands of serious Carrom players, thereby spreading its popularity even further.