Carrom Association of Maldives

Carrom Association of Maldives

It’s really not clear how Carrom was introduced in Maldives. Although there are no official documents, it’s widely known that the sightings of Carrom started even as early as 19th century at homes as a pastime game. Mr. Mohamed Zahir Naseer has been the pioneering architect, building the foundation of Carrom in Maldives by instigating local competitions in the capital Male’ City in late 1960′s. He held competitions in association with the famous NSA (New Sports Academy) which was the first modern day association founded by the government of Maldives.

After successfully organizing tournaments each year, The Carrom Federation of Maldives was formed in 1989.  The government recognized Federation founded by Mr.Mohamed Zahir Naseer built the foundation for professional Carrom in Maldives.

Under a directive of the President of the a Republic of Maldives, the National Sports Council was established during 2008. The Sports Council was entrusted with the responsibility of managing all the sports associations of the country.

One of the main decisions made by the sports council was to make the various sporting fraternities autonomous. As such all sports associations were mandated to be registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs under the Law of the Registration of Associations (Act no1/2003). One important element under the law was to pass the constitution of the associations and to hold independent elections.

During the process, In 2008 the members unanimously agreed with the Sports Council’s decision to change the name of the “Carrom Federation of Maldives” to the “Carrom Association of Maldives (CAM)”.

The first Executive Committee elections under the new system was held on the 28th May 2008. The second election was held on 27th October 2010 and the 3rd election was held on 27th October 2012.

Carrom Association of Maldives was formed and registered under the (Act no1/2003) to promote the game of Carrom in Maldives and to create opportunities for Maldivians with skills and talents to compete in national and international tournaments.