Carrom Association of Maldives

Hussain Nisham


The senior carrom champion Hussain Nisham, a surveyor attached to the Ministry of Construction and Public Works and his junior colleague Shafee Mohamed of Majeediyya School along with the manager and the President of the Maldives Olympic Committee Zahir Naseer left for the U.S.A. to participate in the 2nd U.S. Open Carrom Tournament to be held in the Atlantic City in New Jersey from 15th to 19th October.

This tournament is held under the auspices of the International Carrom Federation Zahir Naseer who is the Treasurer of the I.C.F. and the president of the Maldives Olympic Committee told the Evening Weekly that the women competitors of the Maldives who are ranked second in the team event in the world were not considered for selection due to their unavailability.

He thanked the women players as they retained their rank at the recently concluded 7th SAARC Carrom Championship held in Bangladesh. He further added this tour would give the much needed international exposure and experience to the players who bring out their true potential. Twelve nations including, the world champions, India are expected to participate in this U.S.annual Carrom Competition.



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