Carrom Association of Maldives

Playing Venue


A hall with the capacity to set 32 Carrom board sets and suitable air conditioning is required to hold this tournament. An additional small room, preferably adjoined to the main hall, will be required to hold the managers meeting, Technical Committee meetings and also for the media meetings.


32 Carrom board sets to be set up in the main hall along with another 12 Carrom boards in the separate room provided for practices. A minimum backup of extra 6 Carrom board sets must be available in case of damages during the competition.

CARROM board

32 scoreboards will be required for each Carrom board.

Lights and related wiring will be required for the boards which will be hung from the ceiling rather than attached to the board frames.

1 printer, 1 photo copier, a projector and 3 computer systems along with the internet will be required for administrative purposes.

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